ASA CONS ROMANIA SRL was founded in 1999 as part of the group ASA Kft. Hungary and has quickly become the market leader in precast concrete for non residential buildings in Romania.
ASA CONS built an impressive track record over the years, including commercial and logistic centers, warehouses, infrastructure, civil and industrial buildings.

In 2008 ASA CONS became part of Consolis Group, a leading European Group in building solutions, civil works and rail infrastructure, specialized in manufacturing high-performance
concrete building elements. With around 10,000 employees operating in 30 countries throughout the world, mostly in Europe and the Mediterranean region, the Group generated €1.3 billion in revenue in 2013. Innovation plays a central role in Consolis’ activities. The Group is continually developing new and innovative materials, products and manufacturing processes in order to improve productivity and quality. With over 100 years of experience Consolis Group has become synonymous
with latest generation innovative solutions.

Joining Consolis Group meant for ASA CONS a big step in the future, access to cutting-edge technology and know-how infusion from the best specialists in the field.

Facts and figures / investments

The company has consistently made investments in its equipment, leading to an increased production and assembly capacity. In 2008, record numbers were achieved: 40,000 m3 of precast concrete and an annual turnover of over 40 million. To date, ASA CONS has produced over 500 precast structures for civil and industrial projects, totalling more than 300,000 m3 of precast concrete, for a total of about 3,000,000 m2 built.

Quality assurance

The quality of materials and finished products is an ongoing priority for the company, who is constantly assessing the quality of the concrete used for precast elements. The precast elements hold certificates of compliance, obtained from tests conducted in our Grade II laboratory, well equipped for such tests.

ASA CONS’s management is focused on the quality of products and services, aiming daily to exceed the standards to which the company is certified: ISO 9001:2008 for quality, ISO 14001:2004 for environment and OHSAS 18001: 2007 for health and safety.