Panouri Grafice by ASA Cons Romania

Graphic Panels

The graphic panels are a new precast product, unique in Romania, providing added value to your projects. By creating textured surfaces with an original design of choice, they will turn a simple design into a work of art. There are no limits on the size and type of design or single image graphic panels used to create texture.

ASA CONS is the only producer in Romania holding production technology and capability to provide this type of facade panels. They are created using cutting-edge technology, originally from Finland. The method used results in a patterned, smooth or completely exposed surface. The pattern on the surface results from the contrast between the fairface and the exposed fine aggregate finish. This is a cost-effective, tested and safe method because traditional exposed fine aggregate materials and processes are used in the manufacturing of concrete elements.

The applicability of graphical panels is similar to the facade panels; they can be implemented in a wide range of building types, from civil and industrial buildings to infrastructure works, both for exterior and interior projects.

Graphic concrete offers the chance to produce a stylish facade at a reasonable price.

Graphic concrete is:

  • Stylish and reasonably priced;
  • Durable and easy to maintain;
  • Tested and safe.

Graphic concrete offers new building possibilities and a new way of finishing constructions. Imagination is your only limit!


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