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Baciu Residential Complex

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We have just started the assembly of the precast columns on Baciu C1+C2 Residential Complex site, nearby Cluj-Napoca ! As per our best knowledge, this is the most complete precast concrete project for the residential segment in Romania, after the communist era. 

This complex Underground + Ground Floor + 4 Floors project combines, in a non-exhaustive way, the following items:

  • Last European Know-how technology for modern precast concrete elements, special joints, embedded parts
  • Full Design Package (cast in situ + precast)
  • Production of
    • Foundation cups
    • 22 m height Columns
    • Slab beams
    • Hollow Core slabs
    • Stairs
    • Elevator Shaft
    • Landing tiles
    • Balconies
  • Logistics
  • Assembly

We are grateful to the Investor & Developer of this project, Somesul Cald Productie, but also to the architects from Progis Consulting, for their trust in our products, services, and know-how, but also for their openness and modern approach in adopting this new technology, already used with such a big success all over Europe and Worldwide! 

We have to underline with big respect that this solution was born as a direct follow up of the Developer’s concern to protect the comfort of the stakeholders and all the residents from the area. So, our main task was to generate an environmentally friendly project, at the lowest noise pollution possible, without generating any waste and material on-site, and within the shortest possible time frame.

At the end, we will:

  • raise all the precast concrete structure within 2 months

By using

  • all components produced in our plant or in our partners’ production sites, all of them being installed directly on site

With only

  • 2 equipment needed ( 1 mobile crane + 1 lifting platform)

Operated by only

  • 7 persons in site –> 1 engineer + 5 skilled assembly workers + 1 Crane operator

We look forward to presenting you with the final picture of this extremely challenging project, by the end of the year!


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