Grade 2 laboratory

ASA CONS’s grade 2 laboratory is authorized by State Inspectorate in Constructions and functions under reference standard SR EN ISO / IEC 17025. The laboratory is equipped with all
necessary equipment and follows environmental conditions specified in European standards. This certification authorizes us to conduct determinations both for own products, as well
as for third parties, for the following profiles:

1. BBABP – Concrete, reinforced and prestressed concrete

  • Making concrete specimens
  • Preservation samples – tests for hardened concrete
  • Bulk density – tests for hardened concrete
  • Bulk density of fresh concrete granularity aggregates contained in the concrete mix
  • Preliminary tests
  • Workability (consistency)
  • Compressive strength – tests for hardened concrete
  • Temperature – tests for fresh concrete
  • Setting time – fresh concrete testing

2. M.B.M. – Materials for concrete and mortar

  • The appearance and shape of granules – tests for natural river aggregates
  • Humus content
  • Grading curve. Grading analysis by sieve tests
  • Dry and wet bulk density
  • Determination of bulk density. Tests for aggregates
  • Additive solution density
  • Floating particles in aggregates
  • Cements strength: 2 days, 7 days, 28 days
  • Cement stability (volume constant). Tests for cement
  • Conservation status – tests for cement
  • Setting time for cement
  • Aggregates humidity
  • Average values b/a and c/a of granules with dmin> 7.1 mm
  • Organoleptic testing

The testing are performed to improve the quality of services, in accordance with documented procedures and requirements set by our customers. No deviations are accepted and preventive
measures are taken to eliminate non-quality, along the identification and registration of all non-compliances related to quality and achievement of corrective and preventive actions.

Processes covered:

  • Collecting
  • Preservation of samples
  • Identifying samples
  • Sampling
  • Technical process procedures – specific to each type of test
  • Registration

Advantages of grade 2 laboratory ASA CONS:

  • Professional and experienced staff, licensed by the Inspectorate State in Construction
  • Tests performed according to European standards
  • Certificate issuance, recognized in the field as the test report
  • Develop cumulative bulletin paper
  • Preparation and verification of concrete recipes
  • Specialized technical assistance for improving recipes